Introducing - The "Hall of Magnificence"

Project Zazi, by OTR Bristol, works alongside young people of colour, supporting them in exploring culture and identity and tackling issues of inequality and oppression. 


At Team Zazi, we are hugely influenced by exemplary young people of colour. We are driven by the work of young creatives, activists, entrepreneurs, athletes and students who are in our eyes, delivering their magnificence to those around them and inspiring the next generation of change makers. The work that our young people are involved in within our communities sometimes go unnoticed, it does not get the spotlighting it needs - we want to change that.


This year, we are formally launching our "Hall of Magnificence" as a way of celebrating and honouring some of the young people who make our city such an incredible space to live in. 

We are celebrating 25 young people this October in conjunction and celebration with  our Black History Month programme. You can check out our list below.


The 2021 Hall of Magnificence