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We want to shed light on what has been left out of our education system, we want to shed light on what we should ALREADY know, but don’t.  


We will warn you in advance though. Some of what you learn may upset you. Some of what you learn may uplift you.  


All of what you learn will empower you.  


Think of this as the start of a beautiful journey of self discovery. We cannot possibly cover every piece of history linked to Bristol across every sector or time point, but we do hope to give you bits of a massive jigsaw for you to piece together at your own leisure. 

This project exists for the community to collaborate with us. This is your project as much as it is ours. If you feel like particular sections are missing some bits of information (spoiler alert, they are!) then get in touch and let's work!!


We hope you find this useful. We hope you find this inspiring. We hope you find bits of yourself within the history of our people.  


Love, guidance and light always. 


Team Zazi 

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